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Radiant Orchid ~ 2014 Color of the Year!

Expect to see the peppy shade on everything from cardigans to coffee makers next year. Vibrant and inviting, it has enough warm tones to look good on most skin types, which makes it a natural for nail polish and lipstick. Pantone executives say that because it is nuanced and bold, the color suggests creativity and ingenuity, which may appeal to fashion-minded, tech-savvy customers in their 20s and 30s. The hue also offers a sharp contrast with emerald, Pantone’s color of 2013.

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SkyBell, the Smart Wifi Doorbell

Occasionally, a product comes along that is extraordinary in the innovation it presents. SkyBell, the Smart WiFi Doorbell, brings a new level of convenience and control to answering your door, via your smart phone or tablet. It’s part doorbell, part intercom, part motion sensor and part video camera, ingeniously combined in one compact device. Skybell is easily installed on the wiring for your existing doorbell. When the bell is pressed a real-time image is sent to your smart device and the SkyBell’s built in speaker/microphone allows you to hear and talk with your visitor, no matter where you are. SkyBell Features:

  • Elegant & Compact – sleek modern design, brushed aluminum finish compliments any home.
  • Multiple Devices & Multiple users – more than one SkyBell on a home and more than smart device connected to an account.
  • Motion sensor – exclusive motion sensor gives allows alerts based on movement rather than the button being pressed.
  • Silent Mode – perfect for working from home or when baby is sleeping
  • On Demand Access – allows access to live camera feed from the app anytime
  • Rugged – American made, built to work on homes and withstand worldwide climates
  • iOS and Andriod compatible

Just weeks after a successful campaign; Skybell, the Smart WiFi Doorbell, is poised to dominate the home automation segment on SkyBell Technologies, Inc. will be a Home Networking honoree at CES 2014 in Las Vegas, NV. SkyBell revolutionizes the way the door is answered. The smartest thing since the peephole! Pre-Orders are being accepted on